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For 26 years health educator Carmel Corinne Nimmerrichter has literally transformed people – physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. Through her passion and dedication, she has built a massive, international team that is changing lives worldwide. With Carmel’s Total Body Reboot, dramatic weight loss will happen, but what Carmel is really passionate about is getting to the core issues to improve people’s overall well-being.


Carmel’s interest in health education began when she grew tired of seeing the wrong information in the global myriad of weight loss programs. Everyone seemed to be on this dieting merry-go-round, and there wasn’t anything ‘merry’ about it. In fact, people seemed to be going backwards, as obesity grew out of control in Western society.


Carmel knew that success – long-term success – is about taking away the foods that create inflammation, improving the villi lining of the gut and working with (not against) the liver. She set about creating a program that soon began to change the lives of hundreds of people. Just take a look at some of the many testimonials and see for yourself the amazing results people are getting with Carmel and the Total Body Reboot program.


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