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Total Body Reboot has a highly experienced team of industry professionals. Our team is led by founder Carmel Nimmerrichter, who has 26 years of experience in the health industry. 

Our team of Personal Health Educators is comprised of professionals who have worked in various health fields including: nutrition (nutritionist), eating psychology and mind/body nutrition coaching, and medical laboratory science (pathology).

At Total Body Reboot, we are passionate about health! Our goal is to make nutritious, healthy diet programs accessible and affordable to all. Together we created the Total Body Reboot diets, which are designed to completely ‘reboot’ your health, encompassing gut health, hormone balance, lifestyle and weight loss . Our balanced diets pave the way for a long-term healthy lifestyle. 

We are constantly inspired by our clients life changing success stories, and we love watching them regain their confidence through our programs. 

Learn more about our team by visiting their profiles below. We look forward to hearing from you!







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